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Life on the Line

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Ch. Title Description # Day Date Time Length RPT CC DVS AD MD
36.1 Armed for the Challenge "One Arm Willie" Stewart is set to defy his physical limits while training for the physically challenged triathlon USA championships. Determined to help others with disabilities, this world-class athlete demonstrates that disability doesn't mean inability. (5 of 6)
105 SA 07/12/14 07:30am 00:26:48 - (CC) × MN
36.1 Anchoring Hope Access to healthcare is a challenge for many people living in the Amazon jungle. Antenor, a father of seven, has been sick and not able to bring enough food home. In a different village, four-year-old Felipe has a difficult time playing with his friends. His heart problem is getting worse. Watch what happens next as a mission boat arrives to help. (6 of 6)
106 SA 07/19/14 07:30am 00:26:49 - (CC) × MN