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Ch. Title Description # Day Date Time Length RPT CC DVS AD MD
36.1 Friday The 31st It's Halloween and Susan has turned the family home into a "house of horror". Susan is dressed up as a witch, but Ben is much less enthusiastic.
39 TH 07/17/14 01:00pm 00:28:43 - × × MN
36.1 Owed to Susan It's a big day for Cyril's as Phil prepares to take the official photograph for the tourist brochure. Chloe makes an unexpected discovery.
40 FR 07/18/14 01:00pm 00:28:49 - × × MN
36.1 Sitting Targets Ben and Susan baby-sit Kenzo for Janey, but Susan becomes annoyed when she discovers that she is the only who is unable to stop Kenzo from crying. Meanwhile, Ben agrees to do a UFO watch with Michael, and Nick is dating three girls at the same time.
41 MO 07/21/14 01:00pm 00:29:05 - × × MN
36.1 The Great Escape When Susan's mother Grace (Rosemary Leach) invites herself round for dinner, Ben invents an excuse and goes to Nick's apartment for the evening.
42 TU 07/22/14 01:00pm 00:29:04 - × × MN
36.1 Return of the Prodigal Prat After Ben is listed in the obituaries of The Herald, he takes it as the perfect excuse to do nothing, while neighbour Mr Gleason (Paul Hunter) sets his sights on 'widowed' Susan and Michael has to write a eulogy. (43 of 49)
43 WE 07/23/14 01:00pm 00:28:33 - × × MN
36.1 Blind Justice Susan (Zoe Wanamaker) gets hysterical blindness after seeing Michael in bed with a girl called Fiona (Rachel Harvey). Meanwhile, Ben is on jury duty and is hassled by a busybody fellow juror called Joanna Elton-Johns (Sylvestra Le Touzel).
44 TH 07/24/14 01:00pm 00:28:32 - × × MN
36.1 May The Best Man Win Abi's (Siobhan Hayes) father, Ben's cousin, Richard Harper (Anthony Head) is getting married for a fifth time, an 18-year-old. He asks Ben to be the best man, which means Ben has to organise the stag night.
45 FR 07/25/14 01:00pm 00:29:08 - × × MN
36.1 It's A Window Filled Life Roger (Keiron Self) goes to the Harpers' saying that one of his patients contracted an infectious disease, prompting Susan (Zoe Wanamaker) to put the whole house under quarantine.
46 MO 07/28/14 01:00pm 00:29:01 - × × MN
36.1 Sixty Feet Under The gang gets stuck on the train after doing some Christmas shopping. Nick makes money by selling bottled water, and Susan starts decorating the train.
47 TU 07/29/14 01:00pm 00:29:18 - × × MN
36.1 Loco Parentis Ben (Robert Lindsay) and Susan (Zoe Wanamaker) are forced to attend parenting classes by Michael's head teacher, after he skips school.
49 WE 07/30/14 01:00pm 00:29:14 - × × MN