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Ch. Title Description # Day Date Time Length RPT CC DVS AD MD
36.1 The Serpent's Tooth Dentist Ben Harper (Robert Lindsay) is undergoing a mid-life crisis, and trying to cope with the bizarre reality of raising teenage children. His wife, witty Susan (Zoe Wanamaker) seems quite happy, and enjoys her job as a London tour guide. However, her ability to find her way around the kitchen is rather less successful. Their still-loving marriage keeps moving along. Their three children--Nick, Janey, and Michael--are as different as chalk and cheese. Charming Nick, 19 (Kris Marshall), is on his gap year, but doesn't get much further than the sofa or job centre; fashionable Janey (Daniela Denby-Ashe) is as sharp as a tack, and 16 going on 25; while Michael (Gabriel Thomson) is a very bright, computer-nerdish 12-year-old, who is just discovering girls. At work, Ben is aided, just, by his hygienist Brigitte (Daisy Donovan--series one) and, later, by his son, Nick. The first episode features interesting communication by e-mail; and issues involving dentistry loyalty!
1 MO 05/26/14 01:00pm 00:28:41 - × × MN
36.1 A Pain in the Class Just when Ben tries to get back to bed after a rude awakening, Susan's alarm goes off. Later at work, Ben tells his patient about his weekend and apologizes to Brigitte for a comment he made earlier. Janey announces she wants a tattoo, but what will Ben say? Michael is being bullied and explains why he didn't tell Ben or Susan about the bullying earlier. Nick arrives saying he's going to become a dot com millionaire--will Michael teach him everything he needs to know?
2 TU 05/27/14 01:00pm 00:28:18 - × × MN
36.1 Droit De Seigneur Ben Ben's new patient is Lord Whitten, champion of organic farmers. During his visit, Lord Whitten complains about problems with his son. Brigitte plays matchmaker and suggests Janey as a date. After work, Ben discovers his has become an artist, and that his wife bought a pair of tickets to the opera--which he is not looking forward to. Later that night, Janey returns home from her date and is very upset--it obviously has not gone well. The next morning, Janey makes a confession about her date.
3 WE 05/28/14 01:00pm 00:28:50 - × × MN
36.1 The Last Resort With Susan's 40th birthday just around the corner, Ben decides to treat his wife to a stay at a bed and breakfast. Will it be a dream come true, or will it turn into a nightmare?
4 TH 05/29/14 01:00pm 00:28:47 - × × MN
36.1 A Farewell to Alarms Dental Assistant Bridgitte rearranges Ben's surgery, trying to achieve better "Chi," but Ben makes it go back the way it was. Bridgitte's efforts overflow into his home life, too. Ben's wife, Susan, is worried about the crime rate, and wants a security alarm, which causes lots of havoc. Youngest son, Michael, understands its operation best. Oldest son, Nick, throws all sorts of monkey wrenches into his search for a job.
5 FR 05/30/14 01:00pm 00:28:38 - × × MN