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The Cyberchase Movie

Ch. Title Description # Day Date Time Length RPT CC DVS AD MD
10.1 The Cyberchase Movie Hacker and his bumbling henchbots are drilling inside a nature preserve hoping to reformat all of Cyberspace and put him in charge of everyone and everything forever! He accidentally triggers a slime geyser, which destroys many animals' habitats. The CyberSquad teams up with Ollie (guest star Rico Rodriguez), a Junior Ranger, to discover that destroyed habitats aren't their only problem. Can the kids prevent Cyberspace from being lost to the villainous Hacker forever? TH 08/14/14 05:30pm 00:58:45 (RPT) (CC) × ST
36.2 The Cyberchase Movie TH 08/14/14 05:30pm 00:58:45 (RPT) (CC) × ST