Featured Documentary:

Blueprint For Tomorrow's Education

This half-hour MPTV documentary takes a look at how schools, businesses and communities are partnering to prepare students for the 21st. century workplace. Innovative science, technology, engineering and mathematics programs throughout Wisconsin are explored: Bay View High School's construction, architecture, and technology (BAT Academy); Burlington High School's BHS Chemicals Company; the Fluid Power Challenge, a fluid power technology skills competition for 8th. grade students; and the "green" garage partnership between Bradley Tech HS, Lowe's Foundation, the Helen Bader Foundation and Growing Power, an organization that grows food that grows community.
The STEM education portal of the Educational Communications Board. Wisconsin's Source for all thing STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Math)
Project Lead the Way, Igniting Imagination and Innovation Through Learning
National Fluid Power Association organizers of the Fluid Power Challenge
BAT Academy, Bay View High School
Bay View Compass article about BAT house construction project featured on documentary.
Burlington High School (BHS) web site.
Bradley Tech High School web site.
Bay View Compass article about construction of the green garage.
Home page for Growing Power, partners in green garage project.
WUWM story about green garage project.

National Parks: Wisconsin

Patty Loew, host of Wisconsin Public Television's "In Wisconsin," and Dan Small, host of Milwaukee Public Television's "Outdoor Wisconsin," explore Wisconsin's National Park System, including the Ice Age National Scenic Trail, the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway, the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, and the North Country National Scenic Trail. Co-produced by Wisconsin Public Television and Milwaukee Public Television, beautiful footage of natural wonders are interwoven with profiles of park administrators, volunteers; a trail designer, and those that make their livelihood off the land.

In Service to Milwaukee: Town Hall Special

Host Mark Siegrist and members of Milwaukee's non-profit and faith communities engage in thoughtful discussion on the opportunities, need, and impact, of volunteerism in Greater Milwaukee. (Taped at the Hillside Terrace Resource Center, Aug. 2009)

Less Than One Percent

Solutions to the world's fresh water crisis pioneered in the Great Lakes region are the focus of this documentary. Although two-thirds of the globe is covered with water, only one percent of its freshwater supply available for human consumption.

A Day in the Life of Milwaukee

This 30-minute documentary showcases unique places and people in Milwaukee, mixing classic city scenes with vignettes from everyday life. The program includes a variety of memorable images such as Bob Uecker calling a Milwaukee Brewer game and Art Altenburg singing about his southside tavern.

Behind the Headlines: Inside the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

A one-hour documentary detailing the inner workings of Wisconsin's largest newspaper, this program looks at newsroom decisions about covering stories, the role of technology in newspaper production, the company's income, and many other aspects of the Journal Sentinel's operations.

Brady Street

Milwaukee's memorable and unusual Brady Street is the subject of this one-hour documentary. The program examines Brady Street today—one of the city's favorite and best-known neighborhoods—and also takes a look back at its origins. The nine-block-long neighborhood on Milwaukee's east side has an Italian and Polish heritage overlaid with a tapestry of blues bars, upscale restaurants, and other influences, including memories of its famous '70s festivals.

Lisbon Avenue: A Neighborhood on the Edge

This one-hour documentary focuses on whether the district will survive or fail as a neighborhood. The area's boundaries are N. 27th Street on the east, N. Sherman Boulevard on the west, W. Vliet Street on the south, and North Avenue on the north. Approximately 16,000 people—half of them children—live in the Lisbon Avenue neighborhood.

Milwaukee's Forest Home Cemetery

One of Milwaukee's oldest, largest cemeteries and its residents is the subject of a one-hour program exploring the history of the 200-acre cemetery in which more than 100,000 former Milwaukee residents make their final resting place. Among them are the founders of some of Milwaukee's best known businesses such as Blatz, Pabst, Schlitz, A.O. Smith, Pfister and Falk.

Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward

An area reclaimed from neglect and the ravages of urban renewal is explored in this one-hour program. Now one of the city's trendier areas, the Third Ward draws an eclectic collection of people live, work, and play among its century-old buildings, fancy shops, antique stores and theaters.