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4th Street Forum is Wisconsin’s only weekly TV program that's taped in front of an audience.
Join the conversation. Free and open to the public, Thursdays at noon. Can’t attend? Watch on MPTV, Channel 36.1, Friday nights at 9PM and Sunday mornings at 9AM.

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4th Street Forum - Program #1218

[Original Airdate: April 11, 2014] On the Road to UW-Milwaukee Student Union's Alumni Fireside Lounge City As Solution: Building the New Urban Agenda Cities are centers for innovation and are economic drivers. They attract young, creative...

Marcus White
With host:
Marcus White

Vice President of Community Partnerships
Greater Milwaukee Foundation

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MPTV and Milwaukee Public Radio Collaborate

Over the next 6 months, Milwaukee Public TV and Milwaukee Public Radio will present a series of programs examining the interlocking issues of Wisconsin's high incarceration rate for black men. We'll look at how families and the community are affected and what needs to be done to reduce the number of black men going to jail. The last two shows in November - "Building a Safe Community for All" and "Racial and Gender Bias: Persistent and Subtle?" - are part of the series.

Black Men in Prison Series - MPTV and Milwaukee Public Radio Collaboration
And with guest:

Black Men in Prison Series - MPTV and Milwaukee Public Radio Collaboration

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