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4th Street Forum on the Road is Wisconsin’s only weekly TV program that’s taped in front of a studio audience. Join the conversation. It’s free and open to everyone.

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Fourth Street Forum - February 24, 2012

Episode Description

[Original Airdate: February 24, 2012]

Five-part series on the issues of health care


The Badger State ranks highest in the U.S. for binge drinking, and we are more likely to drive drunk. Our over-the-top drinking culture claims lives and costs a lot of money. Do we need to sober up and change how we use alcohol?

With host RAUL VASQUEZ and with guests, in order of appearance --
MAUREEN BUSALACCHI, Executive Director, Health First Wisconsin; JIM MAAS, Essayist and Blogger, Former Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin and Former Libertarian Candidate for the WI State Assembly; HILLARY WYNN, MD, Psychiatrist, Consultant for AJA Counseling Center and St. Charles Youth and Family Services; and MICHAEL FENDRICH, PhD, Director, Center for Addiction and Behavioral Health Research UW-Milwaukee.