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4th Street Forum is Wisconsin’s only weekly TV program that's taped in front of an audience.
Join the conversation. Free and open to the public, Thursdays at noon. Can’t attend? Watch on MPTV, Channel 36.1, Friday nights at 9PM and Sunday mornings at 9AM.

Fourth Street Forum - April 19, 2013

Episode Description

[Original Airdate: April 19, 2013]

From Genetic Testing to Genomic Mapping: Red Flag or Green Light?

It's an exciting time for genomic research and the possibility that each of us can discover our own DNA roadmap. But are their dangers too?

With host Marcus White, Vice President of Community Partnerships, Greater Milwaukee Foundation and with guests HOWARD JACOB, PhD, Director, Human and Molecular Genetics Center, Medical College of Wisconsin; PILAR OSSORIO, PhD, JD, Professor of Law and Bioethics, University of Wisconsin-Madison; and KIM STRONG, PhD, Assistant Professor of Bioethics and Medical Humanities, Medical College of Wisconsin.