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Around the Corner with John McGivern - #112 -- Lincoln Village

July 19, 2012

[Original Airdate: April 12, 2012] Where is Lincoln Village? John McGivern finds out this south side Milwaukee neighborhood is anchored by St Josaphat's Basilica on the east and Forest Home Cemetery on the west. Talk about a melting pot! John finds authentic Mexican boots, candy, food and bakery right across the street from the Polish deli, down the block from the Serbian restaurant. There are bikers and boxers, an architect and an audio engineer. And Kosy Park (that's what the locals call Kosciuszko Park) is the heart of it all with a community center that truly serves the community. History is important here and so John talks to the folks at Urban Anthropology and a resident who has called the same house his home for 84 years. And speaking of history, John Gurda not only tells the history of the neighborhood, but shares a bit of his own, too! (12 of 13) Episode #112

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