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Milwaukee Water Summit IV - Part 5

July 19, 2012

Wisconsin's Role in Growing the Water Industry Tom Barrett, Wisconsin Gubernatorial Candidate Mark Neumann, Wisconsin Gubernatorial Candidate Scott Walker, Wisconsin Gubernatorial Candidate Mike Gousha, Moderator WATER SUMMIT IV: BLUE FOOTPRINT Carbon? Blue? What does it all mean? In a blink of an eye, the United States has turned its attention to the carbon footprint--the measure of our individual and collective impact on the environment. From electricity to heating to transportation, we now have a number on how much carbon dioxide we produce. Should there not be parallel growth in something comparable for water, perhaps an effort called a Blue Footprint? The Milwaukee Water Council's Water Summit IV will be devoted to understanding and exploring the impact of the Blue Footprint on you as a busness leader, researcher, environmentalist, elected official, student and as a person.

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