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4th Street Forum - #1007

July 19, 2012

[Original Airdate: October 28, 2011] WISCONSIN'S SUPREME COURT -- ELECT OR APPOINT? Big money, outside money, tacky TV ads: even Supreme Court elections have become a battleground of nasty politics. Should the Supreme Court be appointed instead? Would that restore its dignity and raise the quality of Wisconsin justice? With host RAUL VASQUEZ. And with guests, in order of appearance: JAY HECK, Executive Director, Common Cause Wisconsin; TERRI McCORMICK, Author of How to Run for Office on a Liberty Platform and What Sex Is a Republican? Stories from the Front lines of American Politic; Former Three-Term Wisconsin State Legislator; THOMAS MITCHELL, Editor, Milwaukee Community Journal; and WALT KELLY, JD, 1997 Candidate for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice and Civil Rights and Employment Attorney.

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