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4th Street Forum - #1010

July 19, 2012

[Original Airdate: November 18, 2011] ENEMIES EVERYWHERE: POLITICS AS WARFARE Politics in Wisconsin seem to have degraded into a toxic mix of money, ideology and ego. Now two senators, a Republican and a Democrat, have set out to find common ground. Can they overcome Madison's battlefield mentality? With host RAUL VASQUEZ and with guests in order of appearance - DALE SCHULTZ, State Senator, 17th District, Republican; TIM CULLEN, State Senator, 15th District, Democrat; JOSEPH RODRIGUEZ, PhD, UW-Milwaukee Associate Professor of American History and author of the book, City Against Suburb: The Culture Wars in an American Metropolis; ANDREA SCHNEIDER, JD, Professor, Marquette Law School and author of the book, Beyond Machiavelli: Tools for Coping with Conflict.

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