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Thinking Inside the Box | Column | 5/11/2010

July 19, 2012

Hi, Ellis Bromberg with another video Thinking Inside the Box. During the spring and summer, you can see several broadcast and online projects weve been working on for months Im going to give you and update on them, and encourage you to check them out when you have a chance. Im sitting on the set of one of the new series, ARTS DIGEST. For decades, Milwaukee Public Television has had a commitment to bringing you the lively arts. Performances of drama, dance, and music of every kind have been a regular feature here. And now a new chapter: a monthly arts magazine co-hosted by Tom Strini and Jon Anne Willow with special contributor John McGivern, produced by Lois Maurer. The premiere episode will be shown numerous times throughout May and June on Channels 10 and 36.1 just check the listings. Or watch it online here on where you can also find links to the arts organizations and educators partnering with us, including ticket discount offers. For the many viewers who love our cooking shows, we invite you to sample our two newest locally produced programs. HEALTHFUL INDIAN FLAVORS WITH ALAMELU can be seen Saturday mornings at 11 on Channel 10. Indian cooking is just terrific my wife and I are huge fans and just as the name implies, host Alamelu Vairavan does a great job with recipes that are both flavorful and healthful. You can check out her recipes or buy her newest book here at The series was produced by MPTVs Jack Abrams. Starting on June 26, be looking for a new non-cooking cooking show, COOKING RAW with the mother/daughter team of Caroline Carter and Shenita Ray. Its a very different take on healthy and creative food preparation, and you wont want to miss it. It will be on Saturdays mornings at 11 on Channel 10 beginning June 26. The series was produced by MPTVs Raul Galvan. The last week of May, please join us for the powerful WISCONSIN VIETNAM WAR STORIES, a remarkable compilation of veterans experiences in their own words, shared by Wisconsinites who served in the Vietnam War. The three-hour mini-series premieres in one-hour blocks, Monday through Wednesday, May 24-26, at 8 pm on Channel 10. Then on Thursday, May 27, at 8: a broadcast of the much-anticipated LZ LAMBEAU event to welcome home Vietnam veterans that will be taped in Green Bay the previous Saturday. Theres much more about the series and the LZ LAMBEAU event here at Finally, we hope our youngest viewers have caught and are learning from our I AM THE FIT GENERATION spots featuring the local hip-hop group the Figureheads and airing between childrens programs on Channels 10 and 36.1. The entertaining music videos encourage children, ages 4-12, to make healthy choices about diet and exercise. And again, there are lots of resources supporting this initiative here on our website. So, five new projects, produced by MPTV, that are responsive to your interests and suggestions and feature local talent, all here this spring and summer. Please let us know what you think of them. And until next month, thanks for your generous support of Milwaukee Public Television.

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