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4th Street Forum - #1014

July 19, 2012

[Original Airdate: February 3, 2012] Affordable Care Act: Cure for U.S. Health Care? American health care costs too much and covers too few. The Affordable Care Act is tackling the problems, piece by piece. But how will this law change American health care? Will it help people with poor or no insurance? And will the Act survive the courts, lobbyists, and legislators? With host DENISE CALLAWAY. And with guests, in order of appearance -- BILL PETASNICK, CEO, Froedtert Health; PATRICIA McMANUS, PhD, President & CEO, Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin; SUSAN GIAIMO, PhD, Political Scientist, Marquette University, Author, Markets and Medicine: the Politics of Health Care Reform in Britain, Germany, and the United States; and ROBERT KRAIG, PhD, Executive Director, Citizen Action of Wisconsin.

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