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4th Street Forum - #1018

July 19, 2012

[Original Airdate: March 2, 2012] On the Road to Marquette University for part five of the five-part series on the issues of health care. THE POVERTY OF HEALTH CARE Poverty and poor health go together. We spend a lot of money to treat sick, poor people. Is this the best way to tackle illness and poverty? Should we instead spend more on prevention, on strategies to improve health? With host ENRIQUE FIGUEROA, PhD, and with guests, in order of appearance -- KELLI JONES, RN, MS, Clinical Instructor, College of Nursing, Marquette University; DAVID RIEMER, JD, Senior Fellow, Community Advocates Public Policy Institute; EARNESTINE WILLIS, MD, MPH, Director, Health Equity and Urban Clinical Care Partnerships and Kellner Professor in Pediatrics, Medical College of Wisconsin; KIM WHITMORE, MSN, RN, Assistant Professor of Nursing, Concordia University Wisconsin.

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