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4th Street Forum - #905

July 19, 2012

[Original Airdate: October 15, 2010] PACKERS, BEARS AND THE GOOD LIFE: Regional Problems and Solutions From Milwaukee to Chicago, twelve million people are looking for a bright future. What mix of government spending and business incentives will spur development for Lake Michigan's economic hub? With host ENRIQUE FIGUEROA, PhD, Director, Roberto Hernández Center, UW-Milwaukee. And with guests, in order of appearance: ART CYR, PhD, Director, AW Clausen Center for World Business, Carthage College, Former President of the Chicago World Trade Center; LAURA DRESSER, PhD, Associate Director, Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS), University of Wisconsin-Madison, Co-author of The State of Working Wisconsin; PAUL O'CONNOR, Director of Communications, Chicago Metropolis 2020, Senior Consultant, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Global Midwest Forum, Chair of the Chicago Workforce Investment Board; and DON SYKES, Executive Director, Milwaukee Workforce Development.

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