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4th Street Forum - #917

July 19, 2012

[Original Airdate: February 25, 2011] PRIVACY: CHECKING YOU OUT For our grandparents, gossip and gumshoes were the great threats to privacy. Now our data is collected digitally by the government, businesses, social networks, online banking, and even our doctors. How much should today's hi-tech gumshoes be able to find out about you? With host ENRIQUE FIGUEROA, PhD and with guests, in order of appearance: MICHAEL ZIMMER, PhD, co-director, Center for Information Policy Research with focus on social, political, and ethical issues of new media, including privacy and surveillance issues, UW-Milwaukee; TANNETTE ELIE, independent on-line news journalist; CHRIS AHMUTY, executive director, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Wisconsin; and BRUCE BOYDEN, JD, assistant professor of law with focus on internet law, privacy, electronic commerce, and computer security law, Marquette University Law School.

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