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4th Street Forum - #821

July 19, 2012

WOMEN IN WISCONSIN POLITICS Special Recording at Concordia University Wisconsin in Mequon American women have had the vote for 90 years. But in America, and Wisconsin, women hold only 20% of state elected offices. Why this disparity? Would more equal representation mean better government? With Host DENISE CALLAWAY, Director of Communications, Greater Milwaukee Foundation,; And with guests JANET BOLES, PhD, Professor Emerita, Political Science, Writer and Researcher, Women in Politics and Elected Office; SUE JESKEWITZ, Executive Director, Menomonee Falls Chamber of Commerce, Former State Representative; MARY PANZER, President, Panzer Consulting, Former Republican State Senator, Former Majority and Minority Leader, Former State Representative; LENA TAYLOR, State Senator, District 4.

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