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4th Street Forum - #824

July 19, 2012

WAR ON DRUGS: REGROUP AND REFORM? Drug wars in Mexico, crowded prisons in Wisconsin. Street crime, gangs, untreated addictions. Staggering costs. Can Wisconsin embrace harm reduction strategies to attack our devastating drug problems? With host SONYA JONGSMA KNAUSS, Editor,, Journal Interactive, And with guests JEFFREY ALTENBURG, JD, Deputy District Attorney, Community Prosecution, Restorative Justice, and Alternatives to Incarceration, Criminal Justice Facility,; The Honorable M. JOSEPH DONALD Milwaukee County Drug Treatment Court, Milwaukee County Circuit Court,; LISA RODRIGUEZ, RN, Manager of Operations for Substance Abuse and Mental Health, United Community Center,; STAN STOJKOVIC, PhD, Dean of the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare, Professor, Department of Criminal Justice, UW-Milwaukee, (For information on how to be part of the audience, call 414-272-2833).

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