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4th Street Forum - #825

July 19, 2012

MILWAUKEE'S RIVERS: SEEKING A CLEAR FUTURE The Menomonee, the Kinnickinnic, the Milwaukee: Our rivers suffered as industry thrived. Today, cleanups continue and new challenges emerge. Will we protect and restore Lake Michigan's vital tributaries? *With Host ENRIQUE FIGUEROA, PhD*, Director, Roberto Hernández Center, UW-Milwaukee, *And With Guests* *CARMEN AGUILAR, PhD*, Water Scientist, Great Lakes Water Institute, UW-Milwaukee,; *DENNY CANEFF*, Executive Director, River Alliance,, Former Upper Midwest Regional Director, American Farmland Trust; *PAUL KENT, JD*, Partner, Anderson and Kent Law,, Specialties-Municipalities and Environmental Regulatory Concerns; *KAREN SHAPIRO, JD, *Executive Director, Milwaukee Riverkeepers, (For information on how to be part of the audience, call 414-272-1733 x4).

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