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4th Street Forum - #1114

May 3, 2013

[Original Airdate: May 3, 2013] Our Energy Future and Climate Change Is the earth's climate at the tipping point? What must we do now to secure our energy future? This week, 4th Street Forum is On the Road to Milwaukee's 2013 Sustainability Summit. With host Marcus White, Vice President of Community Partnerships, Greater Milwaukee Foundation and with guests JAMES HANSEN, PhD, Climatologist & Book Author of Storms of My Children, Physicist & NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies; ZELMA MAINE JACKSON, MS, Hydro-geologist, Nuclear Waste Program, Washington State Department of Ecology; and GEORGE STONE, PhD, MATC Earth Science Instructor, Chair of the 2013 Sustainability Summit. Recorded On the Road to the 2013 Sustainability Summit at the Delta Center in Downtown Milwaukee

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