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Thinking Inside the Box | Column | Milwaukee H.S. Class Featured on the PBS Idea Channel

May 29, 2013

Milwaukee H.S. Class Featured on the PBS Idea Channel Hi, Ellis Bromberg with more Thinking Inside the Box, on Yes, of course we're in the TV business -- that's why we call ourselves Milwaukee Public Television. But the TV business is so much extensive than it used to be. Americans are watching more video than ever in history. But we're watching the programs we love on different screens and from different platforms. We're watching TV not only on TV sets, but on iPads, and on mobile apps on Androids and iPhones and tablets. You're able to watch MPTV programs not only on Channels 10&36, but also right here on, and on YouTube, and on satellite and cable, on Hulu, on iTunes, and, just launched, on Roku boxes through Netflix and Amazon. If you're a donor to MPTV, thank you: you're helping to ensure not only that quality programs get produced, but also that these programs can be available from as many sources as possible, so you can watch MPTV and PBS programs from almost anywhere and at any time, and the content we offer can reach new audiences that are using all these new devices. It is a new world for many of us. As southeastern Wisconsin's only PBS station, we want to make you aware of a new PBS program. This one, however, you won't find on TV. It's a weekly online-only series called the PBS Idea Channel. To be more specific, it's a video blog found primarily on YouTube, and part of public television's national Arts Online initiative, to use new avenues to strengthen arts awareness, appreciation, and education across the country. And it complements many programs that you do find on Channels 10&36. The percentage of high school age young-adults watching traditional television has diminished in recent years. But that age group is energized about participating in interactive discussions about popular culture, technology, and digital art with the PBS Idea Channel, and similar programs. One classroom, in Milwaukee's Ronald Reagan High School, became so involved with the PBS Idea Channel this school year that the series, which is based in New York, flew a camera crew to Milwaukee and surprised the students and teacher. The video is available elsewhere on and on YouTube -- but we thought we'd show you what happened when host Mike Rugnetta and the PBS Idea Channel crew dropped in on Dan Monfre's 10th grade class. I'll be back soon with more Thinking Inside the Box, but right now, enjoy this special Milwaukee edition of the PBS Idea Channel....

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