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Thinking Inside the Box | Column | goes mobile!

August 27, 2013

Hi, Ellis Bromberg with more Thinking Inside the Box on -- and now, on, mptv's new mobile website. Did you know that the majority of phones sold in the United States now are smartphones, and folks are using their smartphones for many different things -- looking up information online, playing games, storing critical information, taking video, watching video? For a while now, our viewers have been asking us about our plans for sharing information from the station on mobile devices. Many people ask about a live stream of Channels 10 and 36, much as most American radio stations are now doing. But because of video rights issues, broadband capacity, and cost, very few American TV services are able to do that, except for some of the all-news cable and sports channels. But I do expect we will see that in the next decade -- that you will be able to watch Channels 10 and 36 live, on-the-go, over your smartphone, just as you would watch it in your living room on a TV set. We should check back in a few years to see if my prediction comes true. But what we are able to do, and are announcing now, is the new mobile website. It works this way. On your smartphone's web browser, or your tablet or pad, type in Your smartphone got its name because it is smart, and what it will default to is not our full screen website, but a reoriented mobile version, easier to read and access on mobile devices. It should look like this. And from the mobile main page you can access a variety of information or videos. Up at top, we have a few highlighted programs or events. Or you can check out the MPTV broadcast schedule, for what's playing right now on our stations, or tonight, or another day. Go back to the main page, and if you want to watch a recent PBS program, hit the "watch PBS episodes" button, see what's available, and turn it on. Here, for example, is a recent episode of CALL THE MIDWIFE. You can read our recent press releases under "News & Events/Press Releases." Here's the one about the launch of the new mobile site. You can also shop for MPTV DVDs and books -- here, for instance is the DVD Box set of Season 2 of our popular series AROUND THE CORNER WITH JOHN McGIVERN, tap on "Add to Cart," then "Checkout," and you're good to go. You can make a tax-deductible contribution to MPTV under "Support MPTV," find information on who to contact at the station, link to our FaceBook and Twitter pages -- and you can even watch this column again, "Thinking Inside the Box" in the "News & Events" section of the site. Depending on your phone and the mobile service and signal you're receiving, you may still find that it takes some pages a few seconds to load. Please be patient, it's a work in progress, and we will continue to improve. But, on the whole, I do think you'll be pleased with the site, which gives you an opportunity to stay informed with what's going on at MPTV and in-touch with the station from anywhere. So check it out on your smartphone or tablet: Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts, and I'll be back soon with more "Thinking Inside the Box."

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