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4th Street Forum - #1208

January 17, 2014

[Original Airdate: January 17, 2014] Home to School: Rethinking Early Childhood Research shows that young children must have certain skills before starting their formal education. What are those skills? How do parents and home life help prepare young children for school? How important are daycare, preschool, K-4 and 5? Does the community play a role? With host Marcus White, Vice President of Community Partnerships, Greater Milwaukee Foundation. And with guests in order of appearance -- YOLANDA TYNES-ALLISON, Head Start Coordinator and Former Teacher, Milwaukee Public Schools; DOUGLAS UDELL, Early Childhood Development Consultant, Former Early Childhood Instructor, Milwaukee Area Technical College; and LAURA GUTIERREZ, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Assistant Principal, United Community Center's Bruce Guadalupe Community School.

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