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4th Street Forum - #1210

February 1, 2014

[Original Airdate: January 31, 2014] "It's Tough Being Me" - Who Are the Millennials? They're called the Millennials, the Echo-boomers, and Generation Y, and there are about 80 million of them. They are tech savvy, better educated than any other generation, and face the toughest job market in decades. Some call the Millennials self-centered and say they lack motivation. But who are they really? And how will they change the landscape of our country? With host Denise Callaway. And with guests in order of appearance -- DEANNA SINGH, JD, MBA, Executive Director, Burke Foundation; TIM CIGELSKE, Social Media Director, Office of Marketing, Marquette University; and GRISELDA ALDRETE, Executive Director, Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee

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