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Interchange - 1921

March 8, 2014

InterCHANGE examines in-depth the week's major news stories. Each Friday night at 6:30 - repeats Sunday mornings at 11:00am, MPTV host and veteran newsman Dan Jones moderates a spirited discussion on a number of show topics of interest to the people of southeastern Wisconsin.The panelists, Dan Jones, Rick Horowitz, Kevin Fischer, Joel McNally, Gerard Randall, Jr., and Denise Callaway, engage in lively debate on a broad range of issues, including politics, crime, economic and social issues. These panelists examine such topics each day in their respective fields. Therefore, they can--and do--offer informed, insightful, and often diverse opinions.Each week, the program also contains a commentary written and delivered by syndicated columnist Rick Horowitz, whose wry wit often bubbles just beneath the surface in his usually-whimsical examinations of both offbeat and significant news stories.

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