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Around the Corner with John McGivern - #314 -- The Gurda Hour

April 17, 2014

The Gurda Hour | [Original Airdate: April 17, 2014] In every episode of Around the Corner with John McGivern, historian John Gurda rides in and shares the history of whichever community we're featuring. Truth is, some stories are more interesting than others, and sometimes John Gurda just can't stop after three minutes. That's why we created The Gurda Hour -- we didn't want him to stop, either! In the final episode of Season 3, John Gurda covers, in a more in depth way, the history of six topics: The Milwaukee River, Norskedalen, the Manhattan Project of WWII in West Allis, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin's two Basilicas, and Three Bridges Park in Milwaukee's Menomonee Valley. Who knew history could be so interesting? Well, everybody knows now! Thanks, John Gurda.

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