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Around the Corner - Port Washington

Mar 28 at 7PM on 10.1 & 36.2

It's called the city of seven hills, but Lake Michigan is why Port Washington exists. Ewigs built their business on it, artist Shirley Gruen paints it, yacht builder Bill Prince is inspired by it, the people who publish Sailing Magazine write about it, and the people who built their house using the pebbles they gathered from its shore really got the most out of it! At the intersection where Grand Avenue meets Franklin Street, look east and you'll see first clean and arguably the most modern marina in Wisconsin. Look north and you'll be completely taken with St Mary's on the top of the hill, but don't look past one of the most quintessential main streets of the season, packed with businesses old and new. Look down and you might see some of Port Washington's most famous product, Allen Edmonds shoes! It was a complete joy to explore. (11 of 13)

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