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Around The Corner w/ John McGivern - Racine

Jul 18 at 7PM on 10.1 & 36.2

John McGivern visits a community with big appeal: Racine. As a matter of fact, this city is full of big things. John finds that the tractors at CNH and the choices at Milaeger's are big. The lure of North Beach is even bigger, and the calories are the biggest! Historian John Gurda explains that contrary to popular belief, the word Racine does not mean kringle. But it should, because every bakery makes it. John samples the kringle at both O&H and Bendtsen's Bakery. There are a lot of big entertainment choices, too, including The Racine Zoo, the Racine Art Museum, the Racine Symphony Orchestra and the Racine Theatre Guild. This is the only episode that has soup, atomic fireballs, glass blowers, Kewpie dolls and a ghost! Racine--"it's all here"! (9 of 13)

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