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Memorializing Kosciuszko

Cameras capture the sculpture of Polish patriot and military man Tadeusz Kosciuszko being removed from its perch at Kosciuszko Park and shipped to an art restoration facility in Ohio for a complete overhaul and cleaning. The Polish general's life and his involvement with George Washington and the American Revolution is traced, as is his role in designing defense fortifications at West Point, his return to Poland and his struggle on behalf of Polish independence, his capture by the Tsar's forces and his eventual return to the United States in 1796. (Recorded in 2013)

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"Thank You" to the following people who supported the production of "Memorializing Kosciuszko" by making a donation to the Indiegogo Kosciuszko Monument Restoration online Crowd Funding campaign.

Agnieszka Rogalska
Cheryl and Stuart ellis
Claude Krawczyk
Deborah Johnson
Debra Tarkowski
Diane M Buck
Frank and Mary Koczan
George Meikrantz
John A Unser
Judith Knuth
Julie Hill Lehr
Kenneth Pakulski
Laura Thompson
Marion Sisson
Mary Dally-Muenzmaier
Michael Howard
Mona Barwick
Orville and Nancy Colby
Phillip J Modjeski
Suzanne Bell
Thomas J Radoszewski

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