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Around The Corner with John McGivern

Aug 21 at 7PM on 10.1 & 36.2

As John says, Oconomowoc will make you jealous. Wait until you see the homes and the lakes (and the homes on the lakes) and the Batmobile! No kidding - Batman and Robin live here, didn't you know? Then maybe you also don't know that in Oconomowoc you'll find: the oldest complete stained glass window at Oakbrook Esser (and the other unbelievable windows that Paul makes); Sacred Indian Lotuses that only exist in the U.S. just off Terry and Dirk's pier in Lac la Belle; a marble dog bathtub in the Marjorie Ward estate; the more than 100 million sq. ft. (not a typo!) Roundy's distribution center; and Brownberry Bread being made at the rate of 180 loaves a minute! In downtown Oconomowoc, kids can learn to cook, adults can mediate and worship, horses can be outfitted and, of course, everyone can eat. See? John was right - but don't be jealous, just settle in and enjoy this hard to spell town in the heart of Lake Country. Yes, Oconomowoc already has a lot of O's, but let us add one more: O-utstandin

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