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The Sikh Temple Shootings: Waking in Oak Creek

In 2012, Oak Creek, WI was rocked by hate after a white supremacist killed six worshippers at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin. In the year following the attack, the mayor and police chief led the community, as they developed new bonds with their Sikh neighbors. Young temple members, and a police lieutenant, shot 15 times in the attack, inspire thousands to gather for events and honor the victims. This film highlights a community and law enforcement working together to overcome tragedy, stand up to hate, and create a safe town for all. Dan Jones concludes this special by speaking with Lt. Brian Murphy (retired) of the Oak Creek Police Department, Oak Creek Mayor Stephen Scaffidi, and Pardeep Kaleka, the son of Satwant Kaleka, the president of the temple who was gunned down in the rampage, along with five others. (Recorded July, 2014)

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